Fierce45 Denver
high intensity | low impact | intentional movement

the workout


the workout



Fierce Movement incorporates slow, controlled, continuous tension, quick transitions and effective range of motion in order to burn through slow and fast twitch muscle fibers, alike. You will will work your entire body in 45-minutes of strength, endurance, cardio, balance and flexibility exercises. The goal is to keep you in the fat burning zone for the entire duration of class in order to build long, lean muscles. 


Fierce45® is Denver's BEST full-body work out in the least amount of time, offering small group fitness classes on a one-of-a-kind resistance machine.  This studio and these classes are like nothing you've ever experienced. It's a calorie blaster (500-800 per class) of exercises combined with the fundamentals of alignment, breath and mindful movement, with no stress to your joints or spine. You will sweat, your muscles will tremble and you will experience the Fierce45® difference.  

Give us THREE classes to show you how strong your body is and how quickly you can see physical results.  


the roots


     Torrey Newman | Owner


It all started when...

I've always been passionate about movement and fitness since growing up as a ballerina. Over the past ten years I've been sharing my passion through teaching yoga and I love that each class is an opportunity to make someone's day. To help someone heal. To help someone get stronger physically and mentally. When I stumbled upon a similar method in NYC, I knew I had to bring it to Denver. My hope is that this challenging new workout will change lives and help people find their inner fierceness. MAY THE FIERCE BE WITH YOU!