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A Fierce45 foundational movement, teaser isolates your obliques and truly trims and shreds your waistline. We’re breaking down the movement as Torrey demonstrates proper from in the video below.

Body Position

Teaser is done off the front of the machine with your hands on the front handlebars. The outer knife edges of your feet will be on the carriage, crossed heel-to-toe with the foot on the same side as the oblique you are working on top of the opposite foot. Your left foot over your right foot will target your left oblique; and your right foot over your left will target your right oblique. Keeping your heels down and your shoulders above or slightly behind your wrists, your legs will remain straight and start extended out.


Lift your hips slowly, bringing the carriage toward the platform. Your hips will turn slightly toward the floor. As your hips pike up as far as possible while maintaining core engagement, your side bodies will remain long rather than crunching. The carriage should stop when your feet are directly under or slightly behind your hips before sending your legs back out to the starting position.

Technique Tips:

  • Keep both heels down and shoulders behind your wrists to maintain core engagement.
  • Keep your weight in your upper body, moving the carriage with your working oblique rather than pulling with your legs.
  • Try a variation to up level:
    • Carriage or Platform Teaser: Same motion, but your hands are on the carriage or platform instead of the front handlebars.
    • Forearm Teaser: Same overall motion, but your forearms are on the front platform and your range of motion will be VERY small.


Melissa Williams