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Tis the season for gift-giving, and we all have that workout-loving BFF/spouse/co-worker/sister that introduced you to Fierce45 or always talks you into hitting up Savage Saturday before brunch.

We’re here to take the anxiety out of finding the perfect gift for the Fierce Fanatic on your list with the ultimate holiday gift guide. Or, maybe you’re the sweat-obsessed friend in the group, in which case you can use this guide to drop some hints.

LUMIONSkin Oxygen Serum & Oxygen Mist (Serum $38, Mist $24)LUMIONskin’s mission is bringing your skin back to the way nature intended. Their mission is to create an honest, natural beauty product that is accessible and easy, which is why all of the ingredients used in their products are all naturally found in the human body.

  Online  or available at the Hilltop studio. Sold Separately.

 Online or available at the Hilltop studio. Sold Separately.

 Fierce Fleece Pullover ($54) For Fierce dudes and babes, this super soft, fleece crewneck is designed to keep you warm & cozy on your commute to class.

Fierce Babe Fleece Joggers ($54) The über soft, "eco-fleece" fabric is made out of recycled and organic materials. Go up a size or two for a more relaxed fit.

Sticky Socks ($11-$18)

Available in all Fierce45 studios.

Available in all Fierce45 studios.

Fierce Undies ($17) These undies pair perfectly with that Fierce Booty. Get them in white or black. Or both.

Fierce Slay All Day Water Bottle ($30) Because you can't Slay All Day without properly hydrating. 

Fierce Beanie ($29) When you run out of dry shampoo, this beanie will be your BFF.

Shop the  Fierce Beanie

Shop the Fierce Beanie

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