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The Real OG: Bettina Vaccarello


Studio: Mainly WWP, but I love me some Hilltop and LoHi.

Instagram: _bahteena

Spotify:  bmvaccarello


Q:  How long have you been teaching at Fierce45?

A:  2 years – started with the OG crew at LoHi in 2015 and have loved every minute of it since!


Q: What is your background (fitness or otherwise)?

A:  I was a dancer my entire life. Left school early each day to dance in downtown Pittsburgh in a pre-professional academy and then continued dancing all the way through college. Due to a few substainial injuries, my dancing career came to an end, but I needed something similar to fill that void in my life. I’ve been teaching in the fitness world for ~5 years, but nothing has captured my heart like Fierce45®. I work a normal job during the day, but coming to teach multiple times a week is my true escape.

Q:  What is your favorite thing about the Fierce45 community?

A:  So many things, its hard to just name one! But if I must, it has to be how inspiring every single person is who comes to the studio day in and day out. The intentions I read on the board continuously push me to be a better person on and off the machine. Our community is like no other, we swear and scream and yell dirty things in 45 minutes, but as soon as that’s over, we hug and laugh! …and then come back for more day after day.

Q:  Why do you love teaching at Fierce45? What sets Fierce45 apart from different fitness studios?

A:  I love teaching at Fierce45 because I am fully accepted to be myself. I yell and scream and play loud music for 45 minutes and my Fierce community supports me in setting that tone for every class. Each coach brings a certain flare and personality to their class and that is never shamed, always encouraged.

Q:  Why do you love the Lagree method?

A:  I haven’t found anything else that I equally love to hate and hate to love.  Other than ice cream and pasta. And if I want to keep eating ice cream and pasta in mass quantities, I must continue getting my ass kicked by every Fierce45 coach and client! I also love this method because I am continuosly challenged mentally and physically.

Q:  In three words, summarize your teaching style.

A:  Hmm, I’ve been called the Tiny Tyrant. I’m into that name because one should never judge a book by its cover! My teaching style is something similar to Blood. Sweat. & (happy) Tears.

Q:   Tell us a fun fact about you!

A;  My very first dance teacher was Abby Lee Miller from Dance Mom’s. Yes, I’m serious and yes, she is that crazy. If you want to hear some crazy stories, just ask because I am more than happy to share. 


We love our Bettina so much!  Catch her at Wash Park on Wednesday evenings (6/7pm), Thursday mornings (6/7am), and a few random Sundays!

Melissa Williams