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Fierce Lingo: The Basics

Want to try a Fierce45 class, but aren’t quite sure what to expect? Here is a break-down of a few basic terms you’ll hear during class. Knowing these key basics will help you feel confident and get the most out of your first class.

The Machine

There are a few different versions of the X-Former machine. The resistance machines at Fierce45 are meant for heavy resistance and utilization of the entire machine in every class. At your first class, your instructor will give you a rundown of the machine, but let’s touch on the basics.  

Lagree Megaformer M2 Machine

There are two platforms on the X-Former, the front platform and the back platform. Both are equipped with a set of handlebars that can be moved into several positions to accommodate different movements. The middle, largest part of the machine is called the carriage. It moves back and forth on a spring system. The carriage has eyelet holes and an carriage strap on it for grabbing/hooking onto with your hands and feet.

There are two sets of cables on the back of the machine, which allow you to move the carriage on a pulley system. You’ll often use the cables for arm work or added support during some leg-focused movements. You may also be instructed to hook the floppy black strap around your feet for some exercises. There’s also a bungee cord on the front of the machine and a floor strap toward the back of the machine that you will use for specific exercises.

Spring Change

A spring change, is simply time in between movements to add or remove springs.

The resistance machine has two types of springs, blue and yellow. On each machine, there are four small yellow springs and two large blue springs. More springs = more resistance

The more springs—and the larger the springs—the harder it is to move the carriage away from the front platform. The less springs—and lighter the springs—the harder it is to move the carriage back towards the platform if our bodyweight is on it. The lighter resistance can also make you feel less stable on the carriage.


You’ll often hear Fierce45 coaches say, “That’s the shake!” It’s normal during class for the muscle group you are working to shake – it’s actually GOOD! You are working one muscle group to failure at a time. Meaning you are taking those muscles to their furthest point of effective stimulation and nearing muscle failure. It will feel challenging to balance and control the movement of the exercise when you start shaking, but fight through it. Eventually, you will live for the shake.


When a Fierce45 coach adds “giant” to the name of a movement, it means that exercise will be off of the back of the machine facing the front of the room.


When a coach adds “reverse” to the name a movement, it means that exercise will be done facing the back of the room but on the front of the machine.