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Meet the newest member of the #FierceFam Wash Park Studio Management team and proprietor of #BUTDIDYOUDIE...  Charlene!

This mama talks sweet but kicks all the booties to the furthest point in 45 minutes.  Read her Inspo below and jump into one of her classes ASAP (if you like light torture and crying during).



Coach name: Charlene (or Charlie) - not to be called CHAR cause seriously, it’s not a cute name.

Studio: WWP and LOHI

Instagram: @charlenerenea

Spotify: @CharleneReneaSmith**

**pure fire. check it out.




How long have you been teaching at Fierce45?   Coaching since October 2015 Taking since March 2015 opening day!


What is your background (fitness or otherwise)? 

I have always been fitness oriented; truth be told I was the only girl on my highschool football team (cornerback) and ran track. My college and work background are in Urban design and Architecture and although it doesn’t relate to the body it does encorporate a thought process about understanding people in their environment and movement. Once becoming a new mom, I quickly realized I needed more of a work/ life balance and started extensive training in body alignment and movement for the Dailey Method. After teaching there for 3 years I stumbled upon the Fierce Movement and the rest is history!

What is your favorite thing about the Fierce45 community?

 My favorite thing about the Fierce45 community is the support and love that is felt the moment you step into the space. There is so much acceptance and a genuine welcoming that breaks down the walls of judgement and units us all into the Fierce Fam. That kind of authenticy can not be fabricated and it is what sets Fierce45 apart from anyother community.  

Why do you love teaching at Fierce45? What sets Fierce45 apart from different fitness studios?

 I love teaching at Fierce45 because it is the best workout out there! Being able to take each muscle to fatigue through all five elements of excsise in a 45 minute class takes fitness to the next level. This method is super effective when done correctly and I am proud I get to teach with coaches who feel the same way.

Why do you love the Fierce Movement®?

Duh! Because I love to torture myself! Ok for real; I love this method because its effective, balanced, and fun!

In three words, summarize your teaching style:

 I’m a rebel (a sweet one) so I’ll give you four words….. #BUTDIDYOUDIE, oh wait…. Does a hashtag count as one word?

Tell us a fun fact about you!

 I used to do construction! Yes I can plan and design your basement remodel, throw up the framing, drywall, finish, and paint. BOOM! I’ll put your contractor to shame!



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