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5 Tips for Fierce45 Beginners

Tips for Lagree beginners

So, you’ve heard about the method from your Fierce45-obsessed friend and want to try a class, but aren’t sure where to begin or what the X-Former machine even is. We’ve gathered five of the best tips for newbies from our coaches to help get you through your first class. You can also check out our Fierce Lingo: The Basics post for a breakdown of the machine and read about some of the basic terms you will hear in class.

1.     Arrive early. Try to get to class 10-15 minutes early so you can get a rundown of the machine from your coach, and don’t forget your sticky socks! Grip socks are required for Fierce45 classes. When you have arrived to class and are selecting your machine, Coach Jenny G suggests picking one towards the front, middle of the class. When people are new to any type of class, there is a tendency to pick a spot in the back corner. Selecting a machine in the front, middle of your Fierce45 class will allow you to easily see those around you get in and out of exercises and help you get more familiar with the machine and the movements.

2.     Don’t psych yourself out. Coach Anne Marie always reminds people who are new to Fierce45 not to be afraid to modify. Don’t feel like you need to be able to do or get into everything. Modifications will help you build strength and perfect your form. Coaches would rather you listen to your body and do a modification correctly than form bad habits trying to do a movement that your body isn’t quite ready for.

3.     Go S-L-O-W. Coach Meredith likes to remind first-timers that every second counts. Move slowly and stay in each exercise one second longer than you think you can. This method is designed to consist of slow and controlled movements. You are working one muscle group to failure at a time. Moving slowly engages your slow twitch muscles, which is a great way to burn fat. The slower you go, the faster you will see change.

4.     Embrace the shake. Your muscles will shake during class, but that’s GOOD. Shaking means change. When you’re new to Fierce Movement® and aren’t familiar with the machine or the movements yet, shaking can be intimidating. It may feel challenging to balance and control the movement of the exercise, but fight through it safely. Use the red pole next to your machine or the foam handles on the front and back of the machine to help with balance. Eventually, you will live for the shake.    

5.     Consider taking a private. Coach Jen I. encourages new Fierce45 students to consider taking a private. A one-on-one class with a Fierce45 coach can help inform you where you are strong and where you may need to build strength in your body. You will learn some modifications in class, but it’s easiest to ask questions and learn what works best for you and your body when you are one-on-one.