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Breaking Down Runner’s Lunge

Targeting your hamstrings, glutes, quads and core, Runner’s Lunge is the movement Fierce addicts love to hate; but when done correctly, it is highly effective. We’re breaking down Runner’s Lunge as Torrey demonstrates proper form in the video below.

Runner’s Lunge is done facing the front of the room, on the front of the machine with your hands on the front handlebars. Your primary leg is on the front platform, and your secondary leg is pushing through the ball of your foot on the front lip of the carriage while your heel is high.

The goal of Runner’s Lunge is to get to a 90-degree bend in the front/primary leg, which transfers the weight into the heel. Like Torrey is doing in the video below, slowly and with control, push the carriage out and resist the tension on the way back in without letting the carriage and platform touch.

Technique tips:

  • Watch your knee and ankle alignment. Getting low in Runner’s Lunge is not as important as proper alignment.
  • Make sure your chest is up, your neck is in line with your spine and your body is square to the front of the room. This will help ensure that you are keeping your hips level and not pushing through your knees.
  • Holding stillness is always an option. Don’t let the movement of your back/secondary leg compromise the depth or alignment or your front/primary leg.