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#Savage: Getting the Most Out of a Fierce45 Class

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The key to building muscle strength is resistance (weight, gravity, etc.). Fierce Movement uses spring resistance to reduce stress on your joints while also allowing for peak muscle contraction. As with weightlifting, it makes sense to adjust the resistance to make movements more or less challenging, but in high-intensity pilates, there are also several ways to increase or lessen the intensity of a movement without touching the spring load in order to maximize your 45-minute Fierce45 class. Whether you take class once a month or several times a week, here are four tips to help you get the most out of a Fierce45 class.

1.    Listen to your coach and your body

When your Fierce45 coach cues a movement, they will also often call out modifications to make the movement easier, and variations to make it more challenging. Coaches like to push you to challenge yourself, but listen to your body. Some days you might feel stronger or more flexible than others. If you feel like you need a modification and one has not been cued, call your coach over and they will help you make some adjustments.

2.    Focus on form

Proper form and alignment are essential for getting the most out of a Fierce45 class. Making even the slightest adjustments to perfect your form can make a dramatic difference in the intensity of a movement. Don’t let your shoulders float in front of your wrists in planks, bear and wheel barrow; maintain a four-inch gap between the carriage and platform in squats, etc.

3.    Keep everything S-L-O-W

Keeping your heart rate elevated and working your muscles to failure are two of the key elements that make this method so effective. Moving slowly in each movement will help to achieve both by taking out any momentum. The slower you move, the more challenging the movements will be and the faster you will see results in your body. A good rule of thumb is a slow four-count, four seconds in and four seconds out.

4.    Get #Savage

If you’ve conquered our 45-minute classes and still haven’t had enough, check the schedule and sign up for one of our Savage weekend classes. These 55-minute, advanced classes will push your muscles to fatigue while spending some additional time on core and upper body movements, like the insanity that is Giant Reverse Running Bear. You’ll be sore for days, but you can thank us later.