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Meet Daphne.  A small-town sports gal turned big (medium?)-city ass kicker. She's an educator through-and-through and will educate dat ass until you probably can't walk the next day.  Read her story below!


How long have you been teaching at Fierce45?

I started teaching at Fierce45 in November of 2015.


What is your background (fitness or otherwise)?

I have been involved in competitive sports my whole life.  I started gymnastics at 3 years old and eventually switched to volleyball, where I ended up taking a college scholarship to play my freshman year.  After college and volleyball ended, I moved to Dallas, TX to teach 8th grade reading with Teach For America.  While in Texas, I received my Masters of Education with a specialization in English as a Second Language.  About two year ago, I moved back to Colorado and began a corporate training job.  I love education, teaching, and health and wellness, so coaching at Fierce is a perfect fit! 


What is your favorite thing about the Fierce45 community?

My most favorite thing about the Fierce45 community is the love and inspiration each member brings to this amazing group.  From the moment I walked into the LoHi studio (April 2015 – yes, I won’t forget my first class with Molly) I felt love and encouragement for the method, the beautiful state of Colorado, and most importantly a love for my body.  I am inspired each time I coach or take class to be the strongest, happiest, and healthiest self, and that is all due to the wonderful community at Fierce45.


Why do you love teaching at Fierce45? What sets Fierce45 apart from different fitness studios?

Seriously, I love Fierce45 because everyone you meet is a Badass! It is truly what sets us apart from other studios.  You walk into the studio and your mindset changes, you feel empowered, and you get to be your badass self.  Every client and coach comes to Fierce45 for individual reasons, but this community embraces each and every reason and encourages everyone to be a happy, healthy badass!  Oh and one other way Fierce45 is different than other studios – The Shake.  Enough said.


Why do you love this method?

Growing up, I was always active in competitive sports.  I started as a competitive gymnast and eventually played collegiate volleyball.  After competitive sports ended, I knew I needed to find a fitness routine that worked for my body and lifestyle.  I loved the results of classical Pilates, but still needed to find time for the cardo side of my workout.  And that is when I feel in love with this method of fitness and began in Dallas, TX in 2013.  This method achieves the long, lean (but also strong) muscles and builds in cardio to the super slow movement with no impact on my joints.  ALL IN 45 MINUTES!!  I have not found another workout that shows such amazing results, on one machine, in such a short amount of time.  And for all of these reasons, I love this method.

 In three words, summarize your teaching style.

Core. Core. Core.  I spend more time in my classes working on the center core, obliques, and arms than most coaches.  Almost every class I incorporate four oblique exercises per side and at least 5 center core exercises.  I’m constantly reminding clients to check in with their core and squeeze abs tight, even when focusing on a leg exercise. 


Tell us a fun fact about you!

I grew up in a very small town in the middle of nowhere Illinois.  How small you ask??? There are 800 total people in the whole town!  I graduated high school with a grand total of 26 people.  And all 26 were the same individuals started Kindergarten with nineteen years earlier.  Sometimes my crazy Midwest, country accent slips out in class. Beware!! 

We <3 Daphne!  Make sure to get into one of her classes at West Wash Park soon!