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Mega Dudes: Benefits of Fierce45 Classes for Men

There is nothing “girlie” about a workout consisting of forty-five-minutes of heart-pumping, sweat-dripping, muscle-shaking, hurt-so-good pain.

Often referred to as “Pilates on steroids,” the Fierce Movement was developed through acknowledging the downfalls of high-impact workouts on the body with long term repetition. Using the strength-building components of weight lifting with the low-impact techniques of Pilates, the X-former machine and Fierce45® classes will keep your body challenged without contraindications.  Regularly practicing at Fierce45 can not only increase overall physical fitness, but also help to decrease injuries, making it an ideal addition to cross training or regular fitness routine.

Many men do too much of the same thing in their workouts, creating a barrier to muscle gain and plateauing progress. Incorporating other effective forms of training, like Fierce45, into a regimen will help with overall endurance, stamina and increase muscle gain.

Slow-twitch, stabilizing muscles—which are the focus of Fierce45 classes—take less time to recover than more frequently worked fast-twitch muscles. With less recovery time, both men and women are able to stay more consistent, therefore creating a more effective regimen. Fierce45 classes are also tension-based, meaning there is little to no impact on the joints, and with the ability to add 8 – 150 lbs. of resistance men can see the same muscle gain benefits they would see in higher impact workouts like weight lifting.  

Still not convinced? Just check out the results some of the Fierce45 Dudes Who Fierce are seeing.