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Hailing from Texas, Lauren S. has been a powerful (and cute) addition to the coaching team and management team as the Hilltop Studio Manager. Months before she made the move to Colorado, she knew the #FierceFam was the one for her (as seen by her constant emails and calls to us with questions and general excitement to try out the studio). Lauren channels her past as a 3rd grade teacher while coaching through encouragement and tough-love.

Read her story below and catch her at Hilltop 24/7!


Coach name on the schedule: Lauren S.

Studio: Hilltop

Instagram handle:  @iamlasanchez


How long have you been teaching at Fierce45?

I've been on the schedule since May of 2017!


What is your background (fitness or otherwise)?

I came out of the womb holding some sort of ball (basketball, volleyball, etc.) I grew up living and breathing sports—which always required heavy weight lifting. I taught third grade and coached volleyball for three and a half years in Texas before my husband and I moved to Colorado. Once we moved to Colorado, I wanted to move away from weight lifting and find some sort of fitness community.  I tried my first Fierce45 class and instantly wanted to be more involved!


What is your favorite thing about the Fierce45 community?

 I LOVE the way that everyone encourages and inspires one another to be their absolute best. The atmosphere here is so positive and encouraging for everyone. I believe that each individual is able to walk in and out feeling as though they’re valued here.


Why do you love teaching at Fierce45? What sets Fierce45 apart from different fitness studios?

I love teaching at Fierce45 because clients are always incredibly eager to get in a great workout. At Fierce45 we not only focus on clients getting in a good workout, but making sure their alignment is on point. We care about client’s endurance, but also their safety. The clients are always positive and the tight knit community aspect sets it apart from other fitness studios. We are able to speak to each individual in the studio during the forty-five minutes because they come with an intention for their workout. Building relationships at Fierce45 has been my favorite part of this job!


Why do you love this method?

I love this method because the workout challenges me to push myself harder mentally & physically each time. I love the way that I can feel instant change during the workout and see the physical change afterwards!


In three words, summarize your teaching style.

Positive, hands on, and challenging


Tell us a fun fact about you!

I took piano lessons for 11 years growing up and still love to play!

Melissa Williams