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Monica might be small in stature, but on the mic she turns into a huge ball of energy and motivation. Through her enjoyment of rap music and unique routines, Monica keeps the Fierce fire burning non-stop during class. Read her story below and jump into one of her classes in October and beyond.


Teaching Schedule: WWP Tuesdays 5:30/6:30/7:30AM - Thursdays 6:00/7:00PM AND NEW: LOHI Sundays 7:30/8:30/9:30

Instagram: monimonster4

How long have you been teaching at Fierce45? 2 Fierce Years

What is your background (fitness or otherwise)?

I have never coached, taught or led anything in the fitness industry before Fierce45. I played basketball my whole life, while realizing I was not growing or getting any faster .. I quickly transitioned to anything that kept my heart rate up and challenged me physically. I ski (water and snow) and run as much as I can. I grew up being active and I never want to stop. Lagree is the first exercise that is challenging, result driven and motivating each and every time. 

What is your favorite thing about the Fierce45 community?

I love seeing clients that I use to take with when Fierce45 just opened to a first time student who becomes that familiar face. It is a community and everyone can relate to the humility of how the machine makes you feel. Whether its a coach, front desk or other student - I love recognizing faces and know I connect with one or all in the room!

Why do you love teaching at Fierce45?

 I love teaching at Fierce45 but I fell in love with the method and want to share my experience with each and everyone of my students. It gives me an opportunity to change peoples : bodies, mood, form for hopefully the better! Fierce45 is different than other studios by staying true to Lagree and the values Torrey has taught us from day one. Not corporate and as a coach, I get to express myself as a coach through my language, music and routine. Not every studio has that flexibility and I think it is so important to connect with students and keeps us apart from just making sure the basics are done.

Why do you love this method?

This question should be why don't I love this method. Is EVERYTHING a good answer? Mentally challenging - listening to ques and positioning for the entire class and trying to not think of the work your muscles are doing. Physically challenging - holding poses my body says "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" and seeing results instantly is a huge motivating factor for me. My pace running has improved and I take way less breaks going down the mountain than I did in the past. 

In three words, summarize your teaching style.

HARD EVERY TIME - ok less cheesy : Energetic, Fun and Challenging 

Tell us a fun fact about you!

I literally have 0 fun things to mention. I am overly average and normal.... no wit for that one :)


We think Monica is top 5 most fun people ever, despite what she says above. We <3 you, Mon!

Melissa Williams