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Targeting your glutes and hamstrings, Spider Kicks can make you loathe your Fierce45 coach in class, but you and your toned outer thighs will thank them later. We’re breaking down Spider Kicks as Torrey demonstrates proper form in the video below.

Body Position

Spider Kicks are done on the front of the machine, facing either side depending on which of your legs you are working. Place the knee of your secondary leg on the carriage behind the center line at line number two. With your handlebar placed in the ‘T’ position, your primary, or working foot is aligned heel-to-toe on the handlebar. Your primary knee is bent around shoulder-high pointing in the same direction as your toes.

Your hand on the same side as your secondary leg will be placed on the carriage either directly under your shoulder or slightly wider than your shoulder. Your other hand will be reaching for the front of the carriage, pulling up. Keep your hips and shoulders square to the side you are facing.


Press the foot of your primary leg into the handlebar using your glutes and the muscles in the back of your leg to extend the leg and send the carriage open and away from the front platform. Bending your knee, resist the tension of the springs to slowly bring the carriage back in, keeping tension on the springs. To maintain proper alignment, your knee should aim to gently tap your shoulder as the carriage travels back in.

Technique Tips:

  • Keep your weight on your primary side, or the leg that is on the handle bar.
  • Avoid straightening your primary leg completely as to not lose tension.
  • Try to pull up from the carriage to avoid putting too much weight on and straining your wrists.