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Meredith is one of our OG coaches and has been rocking our world since Fierce45 was born. Her classes are so alignment focused, your muscles start shaking in the first 2 minutes. Meredith gave birth to her sweet baby girl, Iris, last year and is expecting her second child in 2018! Yay! Don't worry, she will be back to her normal six-pack self directly after giving birth because she is one of those...

Read her story below and jump into one of her weekday LoHi classes for a scary good time!


How long have you been teaching at Fierce45? I've been teaching at Fierce45 for a little over 2 years.

What is your fitness background? My fitness background is in yoga.

What is your favorite thing about the Fierce45 community? Since I'm forced to choose just one thing, I would say my favorite aspect of the Fierce45 community is the support we give each other so freely. We all want each other to be the strongest, healthiest and happiest versions of ourselves.  In a world that can be so competitive and divisive, it's so important to me to belong to a group of people who want to be challenged and to grow. 

Why do you love teaching at Fierce45? What sets Fierce45 apart from different fitness studios?  I absolutely love teaching at Fierce for so many reasons.  This strong community Is inspiring and motivating.  Torrey, the owner, is so dedicated to this space and has created a supportive and incredibly capable team of amazing women, who really go above and beyond to support each other.  Also, it is so fun and doesn't get boring. There are so many different exercises and variations to be done in the machine.  Combine that with a constant influx of new clients with clients who have come to over 500 classes, there's so much variety and Ilove that.  Also, seeing the change in people (and myself) once they start coming regularly creates such good feelings. We get better, in all aspects of our lives.

 I feel it is one of the most challenging workouts I've ever found that also happens to put little to zero impact on my joints.  I can get an incredible workout in, be sore for days and never feel like I hurt myself doing it. I've never been on the machine doing a movement thinking, "this doesn't feel safe, I could hurt myself."  Another great thing about Fierce45 is that I can do this method through the duration of my pregnancy. I did it throughout my first pregnancy and am convinced it made the pregnancy, labor and delivery so smooth and easy.   I'm pregnant again and will continue my workouts and modify when the time comes.  This method is efficient and so effective. Completely results oriented.  I see results in myself and others.

What is your favorite thing about this method?  Another thing I love about Fierce is the, consistent, reliable childcare! It is rare I come across a studio that is so supportive of parents getting that kick ass workout in without charging and arm and a leg. The childare space is clean, safe and fun. Peace of mind, especially when it comes to my kid, is priceless.

What are three words to describe your classes? Effective, efficient and aligned.

Tell us a fun fact! I'm expecting my second child!


We <3 Meredith lots and are #blessed to have her incredible skills in our #FierceFam.

Melissa Williams