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Instagram handle: @thatfreshplate 

Spotify name: Kiersten Stewart
Teaching schedule: Alternating Sundays- RiNo 12:30pm + 1:30pm// LoHi 7:30am CAC + 8:30am + 9:30am
How long have you been teaching at Fierce45? 3 months!?
Three words to describe your classes?  Positive, Encouraging and Bass-Bumpin'
Who/what is your spirit animal?  Issa Rae
Favorite workout/class music?  Current Hip-Hop Jams, 90's Jams, there MUST be bass
Favorite move on the machine?  Glider (We have a hate/love relationship) 
What is your favorite thing about the Fierce45 community?  Having the liberty to show my personality and embrace people as they are
Why do you love teaching at Fierce45? The clients work hard, it gets real raw and authentic in there in a matter of minutes. Being able to connect with people when they are so vulnerable is a privilege and honor. It's so refreshing to see people as humans. The facade melts away and people just get real. Especially if back reverse pike is involved. 
Why do you love Fierce Movement as a method?  Because it's safe! The emphasis on alignment and INTENTIONal movement is life-changing. I've witnessed clients and myself transform by simply thinking about WHY they are here, WHY they are doing this and WHY they keep coming back. And for real it is hard EVERY DAMN TIME.

Tell us a fun fact about you! I pole-vaulted in high-school and was awarded the regional championship. I still can't believe I even flung myself in the air with some flimsy fiberglass stick. 

Chelsea Stewart