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NEW YEAR, NEW FOCUS: #shareyourwhy 

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For many years, too many years, I spent more time consumed with how I looked instead of how I felt. I was so wrapped up in food and exercise that I wasn’t aware of my energy. I needed to create space in my mind- just enough to gain some perspective. Just enough to realize I had the power within to shift my internal dialogue and could do so much more with the time and energy I was wasting! I could use that space in my brain to create. Todream!

I dreamt of building a community around mindful and intense movement that was welcoming, non-judgmental, and not at all about what you look like when you walk in the door. I dreamt of creating a movement that would force you to drop into the moment like nothing else. A movement that has a level of intensity and challenge that forces you to look at how you communicate with yourself.

Knowing that if you think you can’t - you probably can’t but - what if you allow yourself to lift yourself up? What if you said something positive to yourself? ABOUT yourself?What if you celebrate your strength? Not just in body, but in mind. If you can practice shifting your internal dialogue while being pushed to your physical limit - wouldn’t it be that much easier to shift your dialogue when life throws you curve balls?! A-HA! This is it. THIS is FierceMovement. THIS is my why. 

It’s simple to say that my why behind creating Fierce45® and FierceMovement is “SelfLove” , but it has become so much more than that. It is a reflection of ME. This brand is my baby and my mirror; bringing me new successes and challenges each and every day - both on and off of the machine. 

However, to this day the physical practice of FierceMovement never fails to shift my mind set - to make me FEEL good in my body and my mind and moreover in my spirit.  Plus, if you FEEL good - that radiates!!!! Your energy absolutely effects everyone around you. I am reminded of a quote my dear friend Jacki Carr shared with our team recently, “Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.” - Dr Jill Bolte Taylor. Now I know everyone has bad days, sad days, or just plain off days - I know I do. But I know I NEVER regret taking a class and I know I will always feel better if I do. My hope is that my energy, my vulnerability, and my creativity SPARKS flames in others. 

With that being said, as we move into 2019 we are making the BADASS student photo wall NO LONGER about how many classes you have taken - because it’s not about that - but about your WHY. We want YOU to #shareyourwhy. 

Be vulnerable with me. With Fierce. If it’s too scary - that’s ok. Write on the back of your photo so only you know. Or perhaps you will inspire someone else by being bold, vulnerable, and real. It doesn’t have to be deep, but the deeper you go the more you will benefit….just saying ;) 

With so much love, 

Chelsea Stewart