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FIERCE NUTRITION: 5 Tips For Meal Prepping

Meal prepping is the best and worst of times. The best of times because we have all our meals made for the week. The worst of times because there is nothing that induces the Sunday Scaries more then having to spend hours on end at the grocery store and in the kitchen. 

Here are some of our life hacks for meal prepping so we can fuel our muscles after an amazing high intensity Fierce Movement session. 

1. Don't grocery shop the same day as you are meal prepping. If you already feel like meal prepping is a chore, you'll be grumpy from shopping before you even make your way into the kitchen. Divide and conquer, we can do it! 

2. Double your recipe when you make something and freeze half. You are spending the same amount of time in the kitchen and getting double the output. Plus, for the weeks you just can't meal prep (we've all been there), you already have a healthy frozen option!

3. Spending a few minutes on Sunday creating freezer bags with the ingredients for an individual smoothie. Fill a baggie with banana, spinach, and whatever frozen fruit you like. In the morning, post Fierce Movement, when you're feeling the shake, dump your individual freezer bag, add protein powder and almond milk into your blender and boom. A quick, easy, and healthy breakfast to go!

4. If planning meals out for the week feels like too much work, follow Imma Eat That's 5,4,3,2,1 strategy. Her method actually makes grocery shopping enjoyable and an easy way to break out of your routine. There is literally nothing worse then realizing after all the money you spent at the grocery store, you can only scrape together a few meals. We've been there and her method is fool proof: 5 snacks; 4 of each: protein, carbs, fruits, vegetables; 3 fun drinks; 2 sauces and cheeses; and 1 frozen meal. 

5. Last but not least, not so much a meal prep tip, but more of a strategy. If you pack your lunch, try to get in the habit of unpacking and then repacking your lunch box as soon as you get home. It's annoying to spend five minutes doing it right when you walk in the door, but it will set you up for success for the next day. 

Melissa Williams