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Fueling for Fierce Movement

Making it through the high intensity pilates workout that we know and love as Fierce Movement requires being in the right mindset and fueling properly. We'll get more into mindset next week, but let's focus on fueling today. 

We prefer to never do the full body strengthening class on an empty stomach. Making sure we are hydrated is also key. If we are taking an early morning workout class, we'll leave a glass of water by our car keys, and chug it before heading out the door.

Knowing that class is hard.every.time. below are a 10 pre-workout snacks we can't get enough of. Regardless of what time of day you are working out, you should be fueling with some carbohydrates (and about 100-150 calories) as your body will break them down for quick energy. 

1. Dates, rice cakes, or a banana with nut butter  

2. Larabars

3. Oatmeal

4. Toast

5. Greek yogurt paired with fruit or granola

6. Smoothie (make sure you are giving yourself enough time to digest all that liquid though)

7. Trail mix

8. Homemade snack bites. We like these customizable recipes. 

9. Popcorn - we love this brand

10. RXBar

Melissa Williams