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Meditation x Fierce Movement


New month, who dis?

 Now that you know how to fuel your body for our high intensity workouts, let's talk about fueling your mind. 

In yoga, your breath initiates the movement. Some say, you can practice yoga by just practicing breathing exercises. This is something that we always keep in the back of our head during class. 

When your muscles are tired and the shake has set in, breathing is more important than ever. By switching our mindset to thinking of Fierce Movement as a moving meditation, we can change how we react. When you are in plank pose and your core is on fire, come back into your body, and focus on your breath. Inhale (insert your intention) and exhale the discomfort. Focus on your breath - filling up your lungs, slowing down your inhales, and audibly exhaling. 

As your start to sync your movement with your breath, perhaps you'll feel an internal shift. If nothing else, you will be more focused then ever and that is the first step to a consistent meditation practice. The more tired you get, the more you should come back to your breath and to your intention. Why did you show up to Fierce Movement today? What are you doing this for? Channel your breath and channel your intention.

Namaslay, babes. 


Melissa Williams