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How to Develop A Gratitude Practice

The past two weeks we've blogged about how to be more mindful, and we feel like practicing gratitude goes hand in hand with that. 

A few easy ways to add some gratitude into your routine: 

1) Get yo'self the Five Minute Journal. It literally takes 5 minutes total and you journal in the morning and evening. If you start your day with a gratitude practice, there is no excuse to not to do it. 

2) Use your Fierce Intention for something that you are grateful for. Challenge yourself to put something different each day.

3) Write down three things each day you are grateful for. Challenge yourself to not repeat anything. You'll be amazed with the small things each day you begin to notice and how long you can go before you have to repeat something. 

Now get out there and be grateful, you can do it! 

Melissa Williams