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5 Yoga Poses To Start Or End The Day With

Whether you're hitting up Fierce Movement in the morning, midday, or evening; here are a few yoga poses to help loosen up those hard working muscles. These five poses are the perfect book end to your day and don't require a lot of time. You can do one each day of the work week or do all every day. Figure out what works best for your routine, but you won't regret adding them in. 

1) Child's Pose. Bring your toes to touch and your knees out wide. Rest your forehead on the ground and reach your arms out long in front of you. You can rock your forehead from side to side. 

2) Downward Facing Dog. Place your hands on the mat. Send your hips to the back of the room. If you've done a lot of Fierce Movement classes this week, give your knees a generous bend as your loosen up your hamstrings. 

3) Sleeping Half-Pigeon. Bring your front leg to a 45 to 90 degree angle on the ground. Flex your front foot. Back leg is straight behind you on the ground. Square your hips. Drape your torso over your front knee and rest your forehead on the ground, a block, or your hands.

4) Sphinx Post. Lie stomach down to the ground. Bring your elbows under your shoulders. Forearms on the ground. Pull your elbows back and your chest forward for a nice stretch in your core. 

5) Legs Up The Wall. Bring your butt so it's pressed against the wall. Your torso should be flat on the ground. Legs push against the wall as if your feet are trying to make an imprint on the ceiling. This is our favorite after a long day or when we're having trouble falling asleep. 

Melissa Williams