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10 Intentions for Your Next Fierce Movement Class

Now that you've started to practice mindfulness and maybe even added some yoga poses to your morning or evening routine, let's chat about some intentions for your next class. Obviously intentions aren't one size fits all, but hopefully these will inspire some fresh new intentions before your next Fierce Movement class. 

1) I am strong. I am capable. 

2) I will listen to my body. 

3) Mind over matter. 

4). Dear (insert legs, abs, etc.) you are perfect. Thanks for getting me through class.

5) I'm stronger than I think. 

6) Detox to retox. (no shame) 

7) Just breathe. 

8) You got this. 

9) I can do anything for 45 minutes. 

10) I'm leaving it all on the machine. 

Melissa Williams