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Fierce Movement is all about moving with the beat, and no one does it better than Veronica. With a background in spinning and other fitness instruction, her classes are one-of-a-kind and hard AF. Read her story below and treat yourself to a class with V. You will definitely not regret it.


Teaching schedule: 

West Wash Park: Thursday 4/5pm and Friday 4/5pm

Hilltop: Friday 5:30/6:30/7:30am


Instagram: @veronicamariepeterson

SpotifyVeronica Peterson

How long have you been teaching at Fierce45It will be a year in May!

Three words to describe your classes? Supportive, Intense, Dance-y

Spirit animal? Dolphin

Favorite workout/class music? DANCE with a strong beat and LOUDDD

Favorite move on the machine? Forearm Plank Crunch

What is your favorite thing about the Fierce45 community? I really love and am inspired by how badass everyone is. I know we say that all the time, but seriously - I absolutely love how everyone continues to show up (even though its hard af and we have a million things going on) and GET IT DONE without and excuses. 

Why do you love teaching at Fierce45?  I love teaching at Fierce45 because we are able to connect with people on so many different levels. Obviously the physical level through the work out itself, but my favorite is when people really trust you and start to open up as a friend. That's what it is - teaching class for a bunch of FRIENDS.

Why do you love Fierce Movement as a method? I love the method because as someone who has a really hard time meditating in stillness or in a yoga-type setting, THIS is my meditation. AND you get amazing physical results along the way which go deeper than just for show - you actually build functional strength.

Fun fact? Cat Mom AF and proud of it :)


We love ourselves some Veronica. Jump into one of her classes soon to be carried away by sweet beats and incredibly shaky muscles.