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Why You Should Do Fierce Movement

Fierce Movement is tried and truth with the results. When we say its hard.every.time. we mean it. For all our new students, we wanted to give you a little inspiration from the experts, aka our coaches. For our current students, sometimes you just need a little extra motivation - don't worry, we got you. 

"I love this method because it's mentally challenging - listening to queues and positioning for the entire class and trying to not think of the work your muscles are doing. Physically challenging - holding poses my body says "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" and seeing results instantly is a huge motivating factor for me. My pace running has improved and I take way less breaks going down the mountain than I did in the past." - Monica 

"I loved the results of classical Pilates, but still needed to find time for the cardio side of my workout.  And that is when I feel in love with this method of fitness and began in Dallas, TX in 2013.  This method achieves the long, lean (but also strong) muscles and builds in cardio to the super slow movement with no impact on my joints.  ALL IN 45 MINUTES!!  I have not found another workout that shows such amazing results, on one machine, in such a short amount of time.  And for all of these reasons, I love this method." - Daphne 

"I haven’t found anything else that I equally love to hate and hate to love.  Other than ice cream and pasta. And if I want to keep eating ice cream and pasta in mass quantities, I must continue getting my ass kicked by every Fierce45 coach and client! I also love this method because I am continuously challenged mentally and physically." - Bettina 

"RESULTS! And the endorphin high. I feel unstoppable!" - Angela 

Melissa Williams