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Fierce Facts: The Five Elements of Fitness

There are five different elements to physical fitness and Fierce Movement covers all of them (obviously, because what doesn’t Fierce Movement cover). The five elements are: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

Cardiovascular endurance kicks in when we are in those pulses, lunging up and down getting our heart rate up, during the HIIT portion of class, and what feels like the full time during Core + Arms + Cardio. You might not feel the same out of breath feeling you get during a run or bike ride, but Fierce Movement is still great for cardiovascular endurance.

We are working on Muscle Strength during the entire class. From the first move where your core has to instantly engage to the last forty-five seconds of class. There is a not a move or moment that doesn’t require strength.

Muscular endurance is what allows us to keep moving for the entire class. Have you ever noticed how you take a week or two off and you’re immediately winded during your next class? That is what we call muscular endurance. All workouts are easier the more we do them, but we’ve never felt that idea is more true than it is with Fierce Movement.

Don’t get it twisted, the few stretches we do after class, aren’t the only time you’re getting flexibility at Fierce Movement. You are working on lengthening your muscles the whole time you are working to strengthen them.

Lastly, body composition, let’s be honest abs are made at Fierce Movement. Sure, what you eat helps them, but your body is made through shaking your way through the class. Consistently showing up and putting in the work is how lean muscle is created.

Fierce Movement does it all. There is a reason it’s hard every time.

Melissa Williams