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Better Together: Fierce x Friends

Envision this - it's 6am and your alarm is going off. It's dark outside and your bed feels like its holding you hostage. You begin to have the internal debate: is $20 really worth an hour more of sleep? Yes, no, yes, no. You weigh the pros & cons in your head, torn between getting up and staying put...Yep, we've all been there. This is exact scenario is just one of the reasons that workout buddies are so important. 

A few reasons why you should buddy up with someone who goes to Fierce Movement...

Instead of debating getting up to go to that workout, when the alarm goes off you will be excited to see your friend at the studio. You also have a little added motivation, because you don't want to be flaky so you have to get up. 

Misery loves company. Hear us out on this one, you need someone who is familiar with the high intensity pilates and knows that shaking feeling. They understand how tough this low impact workout can be. They're right next to you cheering you on and feeling your pain. 

A workout buddy will hold you accountable, keep you motivated, and help you reach your Fierce Movement goals. You'll push yourself harder knowing someone is in class next to you cheering you on. 

Workout buddies keep you honest, but they also help you out of any fitness ruts you may be in. 

Lastly, Fierce Movement is hard, and you deserve to enjoy it. Find a friend and get those endorphins pumping together. Not only will your core (and every other muscle) get stronger, but so will your friendship. 


Melissa Williams