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Jen I (aka Mama Jen) is our most OG badass coach and mentor and we've nominated her for our May queen coach. Her classes are compassionate, alignment-focused, high-energy, and sometimes accompanied by funny quirks and innuendos. Read her story below and hop into one of her classes (maybe at the new RiNo studio?!) soon.


Coach name (on the schedule): Jen I

Teaching schedule (specific times and studio):

TUESDAY - HILLTOP: 8:30/9:30/10:30 savage/12pm


FRIDAY - LOHI: 9/10/11/12pm CAC explicit💥

2x month rotating studios NEW STUDENT CLASS

Instagram handle: @jenibanezdenver


How long have you been teaching at Fierce45?

Day 1, Employee 1. How long have we been here? 4 years?! 


Three words to describe your classes? Energetic. Uplifting. Intentional….ly challenging + mindfully safe

Who/what is your spirit animal? Fairies + White Lions

Favorite workout/class music? Old school rap with a sick mixed back beat/mash up 

Favorite move on the machine? My move….Split leg fierce crunch. OOOOOH isolating rectus abdominis.  

What is your favorite thing about the Fierce45 community? Dedication to be intentionally connected, supportive, positive factor in being “day-makers” for any and everyone in mic range.

Why do you love teaching at Fierce45?  There has never been an intense workout that has made me feel so safe in my recovery body or as strong. Fierce45 methodology, the dedication to up-level our coaching techniques and knowledge base keeps me on the forefront of conscious and kick ass fitness tools for our community.  

Why do you love Fierce Movement as a method?  Because it rocks the socks off me every time I slip my toesies into sticky socks. It NEVER, EVER gets easy or boring. I can be so mindful and safe with how I move my body that I can literally feel each small muscle engaging and changing.  

Tell us a fun fact about you! I love to sing car karaoke when I drop off/pick up my daughter from school. We put my 50,000 songs on shuffle, turn the volume on life all the way up and sing until our lungs give out. Epic laughter. Epic release. Epic screeching I’m sure <3


We love ourselves some Mama Jen. Thanks for making our Fierce community a family!

Melissa Williams