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Fierce Q&A: What is Sweatworking?

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Image source: Fast Co 

Imagine you're at your favorite workout class, endorphins are pumping, and you meet your future coworker who helps you land the job of your dreams. You don't need to dream about this moment anymore, because sweatworking is here! 

Sweatworking is essentially networking while working up a sweat. When you're crunched for time but knee deep in the job search, this could be perfect for you. 

A few tips to get started: 

  • Introduce yourself to the person working out next to you. 
  • Try to be consistent with your schedule - most people try to attend the same classes each week. You'll be able to build a relationship when you see the person multiple times a week.
  • Don't be shy - sweatworking is the perfect excuse to strike up a conversation with a stranger. 
  • Stick to conversations before and after class. We all know that you're thinking a million different thoughts and focused on so many things with how demanding Fierce Movement is. Make sure that you have a conversation while you aren't focused on your core shaking or sitting one inch lower in your squat. 


Melissa Williams