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We're always impressed by our community and David Trow is no exception. While some of use Fierce Movement to train for life, Trow is integrating our low impact high intensity method into his ultra marathon training! 

Trow runs about five days a week with a mix of short 45-60 minute runs to longer four-hour runs that sometimes focus on vertical gain. “I also mix in three to four workouts at Fierce45, an aggressive version of pilates in a studio, group class setting. It’s the perfect cross trainer for me, offering a full body workout with zero impact.” Source

Not only is Trow running that distance, he's doing good while racking up the miles.  “I discovered the opportunity of a solidarity bib, where a runner is allowed to make a charitable donation after meeting the other qualifications and bypass the lottery,” he explains. “After seeing that one of the choices was Soutien Orphelinat Pangala I was thrilled at the idea of being able to support this French orphanage and ensure my entry into the UTMB. I have a personal passion for organizations that work with children as I spent many summers as a counselor at Kanuga, a Christian-based boys and girls camp in North Carolina. Some of the best memories of my life were created there." To donate to his charity, you can find more info here

We're so proud of this community and love sharing what the Fierce fam is doing. Let us know how Fierce Movement is helping you achieve your goals!

Melissa Williams