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Don’t just SURVIVE The Summer Slay Challenge - THRIVE through it!

Ok - here we are almost half way into the challenge month at Fierce45! Making my way around every studio almost every day I can feel the energy is still high and people are stoked. Classes are packed, wait-lists are full, and towels are getting sweaty. 

There may be a day soon that the momentum starts to dwindle...or maybe you feel tired….or maybe you have a vacation planned and you will need to make up for it when you get back! The question then becomes how do I stay MOTIVATED? How do I keep up this good rhythm I’m in? Here are my tips!

  • Variety
  • Modify
  • Take a day off
  • Hydrate
  • Eat well and throughout the day
  • Sleep
  • Celebrate the small victories

Try taking classes at different studios, at different time, and with different coaches! Try one of our new class formats! Newness, even though every class at Fierce45 is never the same, mixing it up keeps the energy FRESH!

USE the machines/springs/placement of your body to modify! Modifying at Fierce45 is NOT and NEVER will be a sign of weakness. You have to honor where you are at each day as each and every day is DIFFERENT! Maybe you won’t be able to pin point why one day is harder than another, but accepting what is and NOT beating yourself up for it is the key.


You guys all know this, but WATER is the best healer. Drink more of it ;) 

Eat well - eat what your body is craving! You will be HUNGRY and it’s ok. I find that eating small meals throughout the day is the best approach for me, but every one is unique on this so just try to listen and be present while you eat your face off…

Sleep - easy for some and not for others. But try to get a little more if you can.

Lastly- allow yourself to CELEBRATE your wins! Maybe have a goal or treat for yourself at the end of this challenge. Share your experiences and wins with those around you! High five your friends in class! And then at the end of the challenge you might want to slow your roll but maybe you feel amazing and why would you want to stop NOW?!

XOXOX Torrey

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