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Fierce Testimonials

“As as a former professional athlete I have always been very invested in my body and its functionality. Yoga was my go-to as cross training for twenty years and while I love it at this point in my life for its meditative benefits, what Torrey has cultivated is this perfect melange of movement, effort and deep inner strength. On multiple levels. With Fierce I have discovered an internal core that I never even knew existed! This is the first time in my life I don't feel the need to clock hours spinning the treadmill wheel. I have also given up on extreme overexertion, I've learned from Fierce it is simply not necessary. Now that I am in my forties I am finding so much value in the slow powerhouse movements we do in class under the guidance of intelligent and qualified instructors. Fierce has become my fitness home one stop shop. I cannot recommend this type of functional movement enough!" - Natalie Halt


“I started in the fall of 2017. Before starting fierce, I had just started a cardio regime at Cyclebar and prior to that, I hadn’t ever exercised regularly. However, since starting I have completely changed my body and mind. Instead of focusing on body negative thoughts, I focus on how strong I’ve become. My regular activities of skiing and tennis have vastly improved with the strength I’ve gained in my core, arms and legs. Anytime I head into class, I come out with a clear head and aching muscles, which I’ve grown to love. It’s amazing that at 40, I truly am the strongest I’ve ever been.” - Annie Schildwachter 


“Since starting fierce , I have found a true community of people who genuinely love and care about me and my well being .I’ve found my inner strength ,through this amazing workout . I’m truly grateful to have found this studio , and I’ve made lifelong friends .” - Holly Martinez

“I’ve never considered myself a group fitness kind of guy, but I like to support my wife Holly anyway I can. Holly had been going to fierce for a while, and it was all she ever talked about, so I went to a class with her. I will admit, it was a little intimidating at first, ok it was a lot intimidating. There were all these fit people, and I couldn't help but think, "what if I couldn’t hack it?" But everyone was so nice and very inviting. After class, I finally understood what Holly was talking about. It was such an amazing full body workout. I was hooked. Also, since you have to sign up for classes, it’s like a little contract with yourself to make time for yourself.” - Mike Martinez

Chelsea Stewart