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The Meaning Behind the BAD ASS Wall


The Bad Ass Wall. You often hear it called out in class or see people taking their photo in front of the infamous letters, but what does the BAD ASS wall really represent? What's the meaning behind the six transformative letters?

The wall serves many purposes. One - it is a directional tool so that each student can easily move and maneuver their way on the machine in a synchronized, yet challenging manner. Two - it signifies perseverance. The moment you want to give up or your mental chatter begins to take over all you have to do is look up and see BAD ASS staring you down as if to say, “you are stronger than you think and yes you can!” Three - the most impactful and beneficial purpose of the BAD ASS wall is to provide a sacred space for what lies underneath the words…photos. Photos of Fierce students who took a chance on themselves and showed up to love, work hard, and build community with those around them.

It is this meaning and this significance that makes the BAD ASS wall truly BAD ASS. The idea behind the wall is to highlight what makes Fierce45, Fierce. To highlight what makes you, YOU, and to remind you of the Fierce magic.

At Fierce, the BAD ASS wall has served as a space to display photos of milestone classes. Now, we want it to be a space that reminds you of your WHY, why you love Fierce. Why you keep coming back to Fierce.

Fierce Movement is more than just the number of classes you take. It is more than just a workout. Fierce is a lifestyle, and when we put numbers on the movement we limit ourselves. By shifting the dialogue around the BAD ASS wall to that of a "why wall’’ we allow vulnerability, community, and change to happen within each and every studio space.

So the question remains, what is your why?


Chelsea Stewart