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Instagram handle: @guzmanfamily
Spotify name: ashguzman
Teaching schedule: Monday 5:30/6:30 am (Cherry Hills), 8:00/9:00 am (Littleton), Thursday 8:30/9:30 am (Littleton), Friday 5:30/6:30 am (Littleton), 8:30/9:30 am (Cherry Hills)

How long have you been teaching at Fierce45? 7 months

Three words to describe your classes? Uplifting, Tough, Aligned

Who/what is your spirit animal? My mom! She can plank for 5 minutes, no sweat!

Favorite workout/class music? House + An unexpected song that makes you smile

Favorite move on the machine? Plank to Pike

What is your favorite thing about the Fierce45 community? The Fierce45 community is all about encouragement. We lift each other up and in that find the freedom to both push ourselves and modify based on what we need. Whether it's a rough day or the best day, there's a place for you. I love that.

Why do you love teaching at Fierce45? The expectation of excellence. Being present in a place where everyone is doing their best. It's amazing to see someone find an apparent limitation and push past it.

Why do you love Fierce Movement as a method? I love the alignment focus. But, as a mom of four, more than anything I love that 45 minutes a few times a week will get you in the best shape.
Tell us a fun fact about you! I have a background in show choir and musical theatre, so if you get to class early, you might catch me singing to myself!

Chelsea Stewart