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FierceFam - we are so excited to announce that Fierce45 is officially a part of the lululemon practice.

So, what is lululemon practice?

lululemon practice, is a year-long membership journey. That is launching in the Denver marketing. This membership provides an opportunity for individuals to feel part of something bigger - a community, a relationship, and a chance to build lifelong relationships, workouts, and mindfulness.


What Are The Member Benefits?

• A Fierce45 class for you AND a friend - as well as a workout for you and a friend at different studios throughout the year.

• EXCLUSIVE online access to monthly curated personal development content.

• Access to shop exclusive Lululemon product launches, capsules, and collaborations, plus 20% off a Lululemon purchase for your birthday!

• Access to two member-only events.

• A welcome kit that includes a pair of limited-edition Align Pants (women) or limited-edition T.H.E. Shorts and A.I.M. Boxers (men), and a deck of mindful practice cards.



To purchase click here

Chelsea Stewart