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Testimonies from our very own Fierce Fam

Here in Colorado, we may have altitude and 14’ers, but we have few trails that match the steep grade of trails in the Alps.  The 70 freeway has signs warning truckers of steep 6-7% grades.  There were numerous times the trail grade on my watch indicated 70%!  I began to joke that I felt the entire race I was climbing in and out of clouds.

The story-worthy-moment in the race came at Vallorcine, the last aid station approximately 12 miles to the finish.  I had established a goal to complete the UTMB in 40 hours.  When I arrived at Vallorcine at 2:00 am I was on pace to surpass my goal of 35-36 hours(!).  That all changed when I collapsed on the aid station floor.  As a result of fatigue after running for 32 hours and low on nutrition, my body responded with a sudden drop in blood pressure that caused me to have a brief blackout.  The paramedics placed me on a required hour and a half medical hold.  Without question, the presence of Josh and Desiree as crew, who practically force fed me and had me pounding electrolyte drinks, kept me from being pulled out of the race. Their efforts demonstrated to the paramedics I had incredible support and allowed my vitals to rebound so that I could be released to finish the race. 

In total, I was at the aid station for 3 hours.  While I was happy to be completing the final stretch of this incredible event, I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say I was disappointed in missing out on not only a sub-36-hour finish but also my overall goal of 40 hours. After beginning the descent from the top of the final climb, I overheard some runners discussing the distance to the finish, saying it was about 9-10 kilometers.  I knew from the start of the race that my goal of 40 hours meant I needed to cross the finish line by 10:00 am.  It was 9:15 am. My legs were felt like heavy logs, and the trail was steep covered by roots and rocks. Even on a flat, smooth trail that would equate to a steady 7:30/min per mile pace.  Whether you want to call it living in the moment, miraculous, drive, or a huge rush of adrenaline I decided I could still make my 40-hour goal and began to haul ass on thrashed legs.  I truly felt I could still make it and had to hold back the tears that were welling up in my eyes blurring my vision to avoid eating dirt as I bombed down the side of the mountain.  It was a remarkable feeling.  Spectators and other runners cheered me on as I passed them coming into Chamonix.  Looking back at my stats, despite having run nearly 100 miles, over the final 4-5 miles my pace approached 6 min/mile.  I crossed the finished line sprinting with a time of 39:46:49.  Sub 40 hour goal achieved!

With all of this said, none of this could hav been possible without the awesome zero impact cross training workout with the best team of coaches from Fierce45®!

- David Trow

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Ever since I have started taking classes as Fierce45®, my splits going up “The Wall” at the beginning of this season were 10% faster, then they were at the end of last season when I was in much better cycling shape. Since I did not ride at all over the winter, not even one spin class, I was surprised to see that my time was faster! I attribute this entirely to my workouts at Fierce 45®.  The pilates classes make my legs so strong, I feel like I could hammer rides all day long!

- Sarah Lams


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