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How to have a FIERCE recovery

Unfortunately, injuries happen, whether they're minor or extreme, they're kind of inevitable. That's a small price to pay for enjoying an active lifestyle or possibly maybe it's just the joy becoming an adult because just like your hangover's injury takes three times longer to recover from then it did when you just got injured doing things you probably shouldn't have been doing in the first place.

So aiding that recovery is a real thing, you can't just pop two Aleve and say your prayers and have it leave. The bottom line is that you've probably worked pretty hard for your health and the strength of your body, so it deserves to be met with the same grace when getting it back up to par. The beauty of using Fierce45 to get it back is not only will you get to where you were, but you'll be laying the foundation for an even stronger and more fit body than you had before the injury. Overall your time on the FierceFormer™️ while recovering from a physical set back can assist in the following four areas:

1) The workout itself is alignment focused, which aids in the overall stability of the joint.

Why is joint stability crucial?

Stability is not only a plus in your emotional life, but in your physical foundation as well. If you don't know the job a joint does, that's cool, not many people do, unless they've had an injury involving a joint. The role of a joint is primarily to connect parts of the body, allowing them to move effectively. Joint stability allows for a greater range of motion. The joint's stability increases when the muscles become stronger, why do you think our workouts hurt so good? They're increasing the strength of those muscles. Typically one has to pay extra attention to the level in which they are training. However, since Fierce45's workout is so low impact, you're in the green automatically. Increasing joint stability also decreases the chance of you injuring yourself in the future. Essentially,

Stronger Joints= Stronger Muscles= Stronger Body

=You Become the Terminator in your insides

2) Getting on the strength train (get it? Train…)

Essentially when you're sitting in those lunges and then one of our coaches tells you to pulse, and you have the sudden urge to punch someone, that incredible feeling that you're feeling throughout your entire leg, is essentially building muscular endurance. Muscular endurance will allow every other type of workout you do outside of Fierce45 more efficient, and also allow you to build muscle in your body more quickly. Muscular endurance ultimately is the ability for a muscle group to sustain repeated contractions against resistance for an extended period (those contractions that make you want to punch someone, hint hint). Considering our workout at Fierce45 has an infrastructure around resistance, there is no way you could walk out not building muscular endurance. It's what we're talking about with the time under tension factor. That elongated time that's burning out those muscles is making them able to withstand so much more.

3) We take it slow…

Like most things in life, don't rush it. Especially recovering from injuries. Many professional athletes are living proof of this, and they have personal chefs and trainers, and those infrared things they keep in their homes. Even with those fancy extras, they still got injured, so bottom line don't rush it. Especially in movement. The faster you go, the less intention and quality you're getting out of your movement. At Fierce45, we practice what we preach. All of our movements are slow; even when all you want to do is move fast, we don't let you, not sorry. Because our coaches like to make sure that you're aligned. Knee injury? You come in and are in a squat? If your knees are over your toes? Guess what you could have already just made it worse. We like to make sure as a company that you're looking out for future you while you exercise. The bottom line is that the practice of Pilates is a slow one that takes a few more deep breaths than other things? However, isn't that how the best things in life happen? Usually, the ones that make this life worth living.

4) Long & Strong

We've already touched on how working out at Fierce45 can give you the strength to your recovering injury, but the ultimate goal of Pilates is to lengthen your muscles. By doing this, you're creating more room for growth and strength. When your muscles are tight, those joints that we touched on in the first point can't function, and you're much more likely to injure yourself when your body is all condensed and tight. You don't want to hold on to all that tension, let it go. That's what we do at Fierce45, help you extend and get on top of any injury that comes your way and get out of your head. We help you see that you are stronger than whatever injury is in your way because guess what? You are. With getting on these machines that look something like a torture device, you elongate your muscles while implementing balance.

5) Strong to the core

Any movement you do at any one of our studios has one requirement, hold that core steady. Your core is legitimately at the center of your body if you didn't know that already. So guess what will make all of your muscles stronger and more efficient? Your core. I know crazy, huh? I mean a cream filled donut is nothing without that creamy center. The point we're trying to make is that the middle counts. Especially when you're recovering from an injury because adding strength to your core will only allow you to hold your body steady while you're aiding that injury.

These are only a few of the points that we wanted to touch on because there loads more. Sometimes people are frightened because they hear that our studio, is hard as sh*t, it doesn't get easier blah blah blah. While there is truth to the challenge of the Fierce45 workout, it also lays a complete foundation for whatever other exercises you're trying to get back to post injury. At the beginning of every class you take with us our coaches will ask, "Hey, what's going on in your body, anything hurting?" Let them know! Because not only will they give you modifications that will not only alleviate your pain but will also assist you in feeling better quicker. We're an incredible option to come when trying to get back to where you were and an even better place if you are trying to get even better.