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Fierce Fuel: What should I eat before Fierce45?


Food is fuel, and that fuel is vital to making the most out of the Fierce45® burn. But some options are better than others. Fierce Movement™️ is a calorie blaster, with a big focus on core, and we want you to feel strong and energized for the entire 45 minutes! The best way to power up before your next class is with a protein-packed snack to help your muscles fire and carbohydrates for sustained energy.

So, what should you eat before you find that Fierce shake?

Hard-boiled eggs: Eating a hard-boiled egg, or two, before your workout gives you just the right mix of protein and fat for enough pick-me-up to power through and stay focused during your workout.

Cheese and crackers: Grab a little bit of cheese for some protein and pair with a handful of your favorite whole-grain crackers.

Berries, bananas, apples: Fresh fruit is rich in carbs and will give you the energy you need to power through your workout. Indulge a bit and add some nut butter or a few mixed nuts for an extra boost of energy.

Protein bars: Go for a whole-food variety instead, like a Luna Bar or an RXBar. (Be mindful of those sugar-packed options.)

Yogurt: Regular or Greek yogurt are both excellent options. Regular yogurt is higher in carbs, while Greek yogurt is mostly protein. Again, bee mindful of those varieties high in sugar.

Everybody is different, so pick what works best for you. Be sure to give yourself enough time before class to digest. Eating a snack 15-30 minutes before class will help ensure that you are feeling energized heading into your workout, instead of sluggish.

Fuel up, embrace the shake, and let your Fierce side shine!

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Chelsea Stewart