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Fierce FAQ: The Basics 

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Have you wanted to try a Fierce Movement® class, but you aren’t quite sure what to expect? Here is a breakdown of a few basics you’ll need to know before you hit the FierceFormer™️.  

What is Fierce Movement®? 

Fierce Movement® is a 45-minute full-body workout. Best described as high-intensity Pilates, Fierce Movement® incorporates slow, controlled movements and quick transitions. The goal is to maintain continuous tension to burn through slow and fast-twitch muscle fibers, keeping you in the fat-burning zone and helping you build long, lean muscles.  

How is Fierce45® different from other Pilates classes? 

Traditional Pilates is done on a Reformer and is best known for focusing on alignment, rehabilitation, and understanding how to engage different muscles. While Fierce Movement® builds on that traditional Pilates foundation, it also incorporates more strength training, cardio, and balance elements.  

What should I bring to class? 

Sticky socks are required. You can bring your own or purchase some in-studio. We also recommend bringing some water to stay hydrated.  

What if I can’t do something in class?  

One of the most amazing things about Fierce Movement® is that it is for everybody and every body. There are modifications for most movements to accommodate injuries, pregnancies, and various fitness levels. The FierceFormer™️ also allows you to adjust your resistance. If you need more or less, you can add or remove springs. But as always - listen to your body! ❤️

What are the differences in the class formats? 

Core + Arms + Cardio: This class isolates your core and arm movements and incorporates more cardio than a typical full-body class. The 45-minute format is broken down into longer center core, oblique, and arm blocks with bursts of cardio in-between. While this class is suitable for beginners or advanced students, we recommend that you take 10 Fierce classes before giving this format a try.  

Lunch Crunch: This class allows you to sneak a killer workout into your lunch break. This format is 30 minutes of core and oblique work with sprinkled in upper body or lower body movement.  

SAVAGE: Savage is not for the faint of heart. This format takes our full-body class and amps it up to 55 minutes. This advanced burn will push your muscles to fatigue with low-impact and high-impact intensity movements and recommended for the truly SAVAGE Fiercer.

Can I take a class while I’m pregnant?  

Yes! This method is perfectly safe for pregnant and postnatal mamas, after consulting with your doctor, of course. Inform your coach before class so that you can be given guidelines/modifications to follow to ensure safety while still getting a kick-ass workout! Want even more tips and tricks on modifications? Keep an eye on our schedule for upcoming pregnancy and postpartum workshops.  

Do you have childcare? 

Yes! Three of our studios—LoHi, Littleton, and North Boulder—offer childcare for little ones starting at three months. Fierce Little Ones is our on-site childcare, and all of our childcare staff members are trained and vetted to provide a stimulating childcare experience for the youngest members of our Fierce fam.    

Ready to hit the FierceFormer™️? Sign up here.