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How to Hit the Reset Button this Fall

Just like that, we’re more than halfway through 2019. With a new season, the start of a new school year and the pending excitement for the coming holiday season, fall is the perfect opportunity to reflect and refocus on what you want to accomplish. Here are some of the ways we are hitting the reset button this fall.  

Re-evaluate your goals and learn from what hasn’t worked for you 

The best way to reset and get your goals back on track is to re-evaluate them and see what may have thrown you off of your game in the first place. We’ve all struggled with setting huge goals and giving up when we get discouraged, or setting out to do something like eat healthier, but not fully committing to meal planning. This fall, focus on setting smaller, attainable goals and making sure you are equipping yourself with everything you need for success.  

Try something new 

Sometimes we fall short of our goals just because how we are going about it is all wrong. Maybe you want to work out more, but you hate running, or you just can’t make an hour-long class fit into your already crazy workday. So why not try something new? We offer several Fierce Movement class formats, so there is a little something for everyone. Hit up our Lunch Crunch class for a quick, 30-minute, mid-day burn. Love cardio? Then Core + Arms + Cardio is made for you. Peep the Fierce schedule and find a class, or an approach, that works for you.   


As you prepare to start spending more time inside during the winter months, de-clutter. De-clutter your house, your diet, and even your mind. Get rid of the old clothes piled up that you’ve been hanging into for months but haven’t worn. Purge your diet of processed foods, unnecessary sugars, and unhealthy fats. And, maybe consider taking a break from scrolling through Instagram envying everyone’s fabulous summer vacays. Clearing your mind and space may be just what you need to reenergize.  

Get outside 

Fall in Colorado cannot be beat. Get outside and enjoy the crisper weather. Getting outside will help keep you energized and focused even as the daylight starts to fade faster. Check out our events page for our upcoming outdoor events and come get your sweat on with us!  

+ So start your reset and join us at The Origin Hotel at Red Rocks for a Fall Back into Fitness workout! + 

Chelsea Stewart