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Self-Care September

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It’s Self-Care September, which means it’s the perfect time to ‘treat yo-self.’ Whether you are a long-time self-care advocate, or simply trying to get into a routine, taking time for yourself is crucial. Self-care isn’t selfish.  

We know you’re busy. Taking time for yourself each week doesn’t have to take up an entire Sunday or break the bank to make an impact. Here are some ideas for small changes you can make throughout your week to help you get your self-care on: 

Self-care for your mind is just as important as self-care for your body. Even if you make taking care of your body a priority, whether it’s through exercise, diet or even the occasional massage, it’s likely that you’re neglecting to take care of your mind at the same level. It can be as simple as a five-minute daily meditation practice, journaling, or checking in on your emotional wellbeing. If that’s not for you, start by focusing on and enjoying the mind-body connection that each Fierce45 class offers. Each low and slow squat, plank-to-pike, and hero challenges your focus and concentration, in turn helping you slip into a meditative state; thus building your mental strength.

 Set a weekly appointment with yourself. Put a self-care appointment on your calendar and treat it as importantly as you would a meeting with your boss. We know life gets busy, and it’s easy to let self-care be the first thing that gets canceled when life happens. If you start creating boundaries and prioritizing set time for yourself, the people in your life will also begin to respect your me-time.

 Say no more and don’t apologize for it. There is never enough time in the day to get everything done, and there is always something that goes unattended or something that you always seem to neglect. Find a way to make time for what is important, like self-care. Start saying no to more things and yes to more YOU! You don’t need to be at every happy hour. That client email can wait until tomorrow morning. And it’s okay if your kids eat school lunch.


Start consistently putting yourself at the top of your to-do list. Self-care isn’t something that only happens when you’ve reached full burnout status. You have to start by taking care of yourself to be the best friend, partner, boss, parent, or employee you can be.