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Cross-Training with Fierce to Up Your Fitness Game

Whether you’re a ski bum, yogi, an avid cyclist or running addict, it can be a struggle to find the perfect the right cross-training routine. There is no denying that cross-training will improve your physical fitness level, keep you injury-free, and help maintain balance and fun, so why choose Fierce as your cross-training option? Well, we are glad you asked!

Fierce Movement® is the perfect complement to any cross-training or regular fitness routine. One of the many reasons our clients are obsessed with Fierce is its ability to incorporate cardio, strength, endurance, body composition, and flexibility into every move. Simply add Fierce Movement® into your regular fitness routine a couple of times a week and watch your fitness game improve.  

Why athletes love Fierce for Cross-Training 

Athletes at any level tend to perform a lot of repetitive movement while they are mastering their craft. Doing the same movement over and over again in your fitness routine can create a barrier in gaining muscle, thus making your progress plateau. Incorporating other effective forms of training, like Fierce45®, into your regimen will help with overall endurance, stamina, and increase muscle growth. 

Fierce Movement® was born through the acknowledgment of the pitfalls of high-impact, repetitive workouts, and the damaging effects such movements can cause on the body. The Fierce method challenges your body by combining the strength-building components of weight lifting with the low-impact techniques of traditional Pilates. 

The Benefits of Fierce for Cross-Training 

  • Fast recovery: By performing slow-twitch muscle movement, instead of your typical fast-twitch muscle movement, your recovery time speeds up, ultimately allowing you to cross-train and still get right back to doing your favorite activity.

  • Low impact: Fierce45® classes are tension-based, which means there is little to no impact on your joints. But with the ability to add 8 – 150 lbs. of resistance, you can still see the same muscle gain benefits you would see in higher-impact workouts like weight lifting.

  • Increased stability: Using a type of muscle activation called co-contraction—which means that muscles all around the joint are working at the same time instead of one at a time—the stability around your joints improves and makes them less prone to injury.

If you’re ready to level up your fitness routine and dominate the mountain, road or mat, click here to get your shake on with us!