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Ask a PT: How to Stay Injury Free During a Challenge

Our in-house PT and one of our newest coaches, Rachel Carter from Integrated Therapies, has some tricks up her sleeve on preventing injury in a consistent Fierce45 practice. With the Savage Summer Challenge upon us in July, the preparation and sustainability of our amazing bodies is crucial.

1)  Stretch after class.

One of the biggest faults I see is people taking their muscles and joints to end range before class starts.  Studies have shown over and over that stretching before intense activity actually makes you more susceptible to injury.  Instead, try a dynamic warm-up before the shaking commences.  I.e. park a block or two away and walk briskly to the studio,  do some cat/cows on the carriage and maybe some hips circles to lubricate the joints and get the blood pumping.  Then, after class get your stretch on!


July in Colorado is HOT and DRY.  For active people (read: sweaty Lagree junkies)  in our climate,  the 64oz rule is not adequate.  80-100 oz. of water per day is more like it.  If you're a summer party person, for every drink you have add 8 ounces of H2O.  And please for the love of God, just drink WATER.  Not gatorade, not NUUN, not energy drinks.  Your kidneys will thank you and you will feel better, perform better on the machine, and recover faster!  

3) Maintain Good Nutrition

Eccentric muscle contractions (which comprise 50% of class movements) cause microscopic tearing in the muscle tissue-  that is how muscle rebuilds, gets stronger, and why this method transforms our bodies.  In order to rebuild we have to give our bodies the proper building blocks-  good protein, healthy fats, veggies, fruits.  Plus, it's summer so take advantage of the farmer's markets!!!


-schedule adequate time between classes (i.e. Don't take 7 p.m. one day and 5 a.m. the next)

-Invert, use compression garments or just get your legs up to increase lymphatic drainage.  It will reduce soreness and help you recover faster.

-vary your spring load, giving yourself at least 1 "lighter" day every week

-take advantage of the Fierce45 Stretch Classes, you get credit for them!!!

-take epsom salt baths to replenish magnesium in your muscle and nerve cells

-Use topical treatments like DoTERRA Deep Blue rub and Lemongrass Oil

-do your self-treatment: foam rolling, trigger point balls and mobility work  

5)   Lastly, if you have a nagging pain that is not improving with rest, get it checked out before it spirals into a full blown injury.

Happy Fiercing, badasses!

Melissa Williams