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As the weather heats up, don't go cold on your goals. With travel, summertime fun, and all the other commitments that the warm weather can bring, make sure you're still staying committed to your fitness goals! When there are so many fun things happening outside, it can be tough to convince yourself to be inside doing a high intensity low impact class.

Here are a few ways to keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals: 

1) Set goals that are challenging yet attainable. (Make sure they are measurable).

2) Write your goal down somewhere that you can see it daily. 

3) Planning is key to achieve your goal. If you're goal is to make it to 21 classes this month, figure out how many classes you need to attend a week. Sit down with your calendar every Sunday and schedule your classes like they are appointments. 

4) Find an accountability partner. There really is a strength in numbers. 

5) Set mini goals to help you achieve your big goal. Reward yourself each time you hit a smaller milestone to keep the momentum up!

Melissa Williams