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#Savage: Getting the Most Out of a Fierce45 Class

Fierce Movement offers many ways to increase or lessen the intensity of a movement without touching the spring load in order to maximize a 45-minute Fierce45 class. Whether you take class once a month or several times a week, here are four tips to help you get the most out of a Fierce45 class.

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5 Easy Stretches to Do After a Fierce45 Class

It’s easy to forget to stretch, but giving your muscles a little post-workout TLC can relieve and relax the tight muscles you just worked. Try these five easy stretches after your next workout, or check the schedule and hit your favorite Fierce45 studio for one of our stretch classes.

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5 Tips for Fierce45 Beginners

So, you’ve heard about the Fierce Movement madness from your Fierce45-obsessed friend and want to try a class, but aren’t sure where to begin or what an X-Former even is. We’ve gathered five of the best tips for newbies from our coaches to help get you through your first class.

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