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Fierce45 + The Bloom Method

The Bloom Method + Fierce45

An innovative fitness technique for women preparing for conception, pregnancy and looking for guidance postpartum, The Bloom Method, works to empower women through exercise and movement. Providing the tools to help women continue exercise throughout their pregnancy, the goal of The Bloom Method is to help women experience an easier labor, healthier baby and a more comfortable pregnancy.

Fierce45 Denver is partnering with The Bloom Method to bring Fierce mamas and mamas-to-be a new spin on this method. Pairing Bloom Method techniques with the already challenging classes that Fierce45 offers will help with labor preparations and beyond.

This month, Fierce Mamas, mamas-to-be or those thinking about mama-hood can join Brooke Cates CPT, CES, HHC, Pregnancy and Birth Exercise Specialist and Creator of The Bloom Method at one of two 2-hour Fierce45 + The Bloom Method workshops. During the workshop, Brooke will lead participants through a 45-minute X-Former class with modifications for prenatal and the 12 weeks post-birth. Brooke will also talk through: the myths vs. truths of exercising during pregnancy; keeping a strong core during pregnancy, including safe ab exercises; and posture and its role in pregnancy. Snacks will also be offered.

The registration fee for each workshop is $75. Visit for workshop dates and to register.