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Child Care


Don't let the lack of babysitter keep you from your workout!  We offer child care for most morning and afternoon classes at our LoHi location.  For childcare info at the West Wash Park studio, please visit Fierce Little Ones.

To sign up

1.  Log in to your account

2.  Select the child care time during the class you plan to take.  Make sure to select the correct studio!

3.  Click sign-up and enter YOUR name.

4.  Purchase the package you would like (or use an existing package on your account)

5.  Hit "save"

**Please arrive AT LEAST 5 minutes before class starts to get your child settled!

please note

+ Our child care facilities allow children ages 3 mo. to 16 years. Any child younger or older than the specified ages should have other accommodations outside of the studio.  

+  Children must not be left alone in the studio or lobby space without proper supervision, as the machines pose a liability to the child and to Fierce45. 

+ Children under the age of 3 mo. are permitted to be in the studio space with an accompanying parent, as long as they are in a car seat and out of harm's way.  Parents choosing this option must accept full liability for their child(ren) in case of accident or injury in the studio space.

+ Each child must be signed up and paid for individually before entry to the studio.