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linking the WORKOUT to the WHY

Everyone has a different ‘WHY’ when they walk through our doors. It is our job to acknowledge, challenge and INSPIRE our community to be the very best versions of themselves. Every day is different - use these to empower your class and yourself! #praisehandsemoji

‘Take what you want and take it with a smile!’

‘Do something that makes you proud today.’

‘Choose an intention. I don’t even care if it’s Avocado toast. -Just choose it and don’t let it go for the next 45 minutes.’

‘Nobody wants to hear a story about a person that’s been handed everything. That means you work hard today.’

‘Brush your teeth every morning and say yes baby let’s go!’

‘Want it more than it hurts.’ 

‘I know what your made of, so if you forget, let me remind you and you come back to it.’

‘Discipline today. Control today. Respect today.’

‘Pat your nervous system on the back like it’s cool we’re fine, let’s keep moving.’

‘You can move slower than you thought and harder than you think.’

‘Finish line is yours!’

‘How are you showing up for yourself today and in THIS moment?’ 

‘Finish stronger than you were when you walked through the door.’

‘In the moments of struggle, when things get really tough - I want you to find the JOY. In here and in life.’

‘Take your intention with you when you leave here today and be proud that you’ve completed it.’

‘Get really uncomfortable. It’s only temporary and it is how we get stronger.’