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child care policies

+ Our child care facilities allow children ages 3 mo. to 16 years. Any child younger or older than the specified ages should have other accommodations outside of the studio.  

+  Children must not be left alone in the studio or lobby space without proper supervision, as the machines pose a liability to the child and to Fierce45. 

+ Children under the age of 3 mo. are permitted to be in the studio space with an accompanying parent, as long as they are in a car seat and out of harm's way.  Parents choosing this option must accept full liability for their child(ren) in case of accident or injury in the studio space.

+ Each child must be signed up and paid for individually before entry to the studio.

+ All Fierce45® child care is considered Fierce Little Ones. Follow FLO on Facebook and  to stay up to date with events and fun activities for your little ones!

Fierce little ones - LOHI & Littleton

Serving our LoHi and Littleton Fierce45 students, our Fierce Little Ones - both LoHi and Littleton child care facilities are located on the studio premises and offer safe, stimulating care for your little ones during most morning and evening classes. All child care staff members are trained and vetted to ensure the best experience and peace of mind while you get your sweat on. 

Please create an account through MindBody Online (directions below) for each child you wish to enroll. 

LoHi is located at 1208 W. 38th Ave, Denver CO 80211. Littleton is located at 2100 W Littleton Blvd. ste. C Littleton, CO 80120.

Add your little one to a session below or call LoHi at (303) 458-1208 or Littleton at 720-324-8777 to schedule a time to play!

Sign Up for Childcare in MindBody Online

If you already have an account for Fierce45, follow these steps to get your little one in class.  To create account, please follow the steps in the next section.

STEP 1: Click the Classes tab

STEP 2: Click on the childcare class you want and click the Make a Reservation button 

STEP 3:  Sign in to your account and select the item you would like to purchase

STEP 4: Repeat if needed for each child

to create an account in mindbody online

STEP 1: Click here

STEP 2: Click Sign Up!

STEP 3: Follow the prompts to sign up for an account

STEP 4: Click the My Info tab

STEP 5: Click the Profile tab

STEP 6: Add each child using the square Family Member box. Choose Child Of in the relationship drop down. Use your email address to have the confirmation sent to you.

STEP 7: Click Save and follow steps above to make reservation for Fierce Little Ones




Please contact us if you are having trouble signing up for a class or have any questions.