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Fierce45 is BEAT DRIVEN! This is what sets us apart from other studios. Moving the body in tune to music during exercise just feels right. It also serves as a outside motivational force used to take the muscles deeper and increase the fluidity and meditation of the body and mind.


finding the beat

  • The best way to find the beat in every song is by using 8-COUNTS.

  • There are FOUR 8-COUNTS in a musical phrase (32 COUNTS TOTAL).

  • The ‘1’ in each 8-COUNT is more prominent and it is accentuated even more so on the ‘1’ of a new phrase.

Finding the right beat

  • In every song, there are THREE DIFFERENT BEAT PATTERNS

  • The REGULAR 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

  • The DOUBLE TIME beat 1, &,2, &,3, &,4…. Which is 2 beats for every 1 beat of the regular 8-count

  • The HALF TIME beat 1,3,5,7…Which is every other beat of the regular 8-count

using the right beat & for what

  • There are different beats in each song that can and should be used for different parts of the exercise.

  • The REGULAR 8-count is best used for PULSING

  • FULL RANGE of motion should be done on the HALF TIME COUNT at least

  • The double time beat has been proven to be too fast for how slow we are encouraging people to move.

  • All of this depends on the song of course – if it is at the higher end of the 120 BPM range, then you might have to adjust and make the pulsing on the half time count.

Using Your Music to Drive Your Class.

  • Being ‘beat driven’ doesn’t just mean that we pulse to the beat – it means that we use every phrase of the song to plan our next variation, hold or transition.

  • Know your music! The better you know it, the better you can coordinate your class to flow with the music.

  • If there is an intense beat drop coming, prepare your next move and cue the class with enough time to hit it when it starts. Maybe it’s a set of pulses at their lowest point or maybe it’s their final hold before transitioning to the next move.

  • Let your music help build the intensity of class. When you hear the build up of the last 1 or 2 8-counts of a phrase – match the intensity with your voice to really take people deeper and command the room.

  • Use the ‘1’ of each 8-count as the start of your movement as best as you can. It just feels right in the body and it helps train the muscles to keep that slow and consistent speed the whole time.


  • Creating playlists should be more than just throwing a bunch of songs in a folder and hitting play or shuffle.

  • When making your playlists, be mindful about where you put certain songs. Plan out the flow of your routine in the order of your playlist so that the songs you want for core, legs and arms are where they should be.

  • Keep track of the length of your songs. You may not want 2 or more short songs together as it tends to sound a little choppy.

  • Focus on the flow of the playlist. You can have different types music in there but make sure that they sound ok back to back.

  • Be sure that there are 1 or 2 songs after the 45-minute mark just in case you go over so that you don’t run out of music.

  • You don’t always have to create a brand-new playlist. You can either move songs around depending on the structure of your new routine, or you can swap out a few songs for new music to keep it fresh!

soundcloud to spotify

1.  Click on the actual song so only that one is on the screen.  Copy + Paste URL

2.  Click this link: 

3.  Paste the link of the song, press download and depending on what you are using the file will download.  You can copy the name of the song/remix and rename the file right away as whatever it is here it will go into your Spotify as that too.

4.  Create a folder on your desktop that you will place all downloaded songs.

5.  Go to your spotify > account > scroll down to "local files" then click add a source and select your new folder name.  

6.  Check to see if the song is in there - they should be adding in from that folder automatically now. 

If you are having issues playing on phone:

  1. open spotify on your computer in the app

  2. Make sure that your the selected local files appear in the computer app

  3. Now make a new playlist with just these songs in

  4. Now stop and go to your firewall settings (you should be able to search your files for it)

  5. Scroll through until you find spotify.exe and allow ALL of the apps through the firewall.

  6. Now go to your mobile device open spotify and press sync

    Think of this part as almost "dropping" from computer to phone.  Both on same wifi, you want to "download to offline" on your phone not computer.